Illusion of love, it's better than none ♥

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I'm a lover and a fighter.
I like to keep things to myself a lot,
so that's pretty much why I love Tumblr.
I can reblog shit that relates to my life,
and say whatever the fuck I want.
I'm a pretty carefree person,
and I love to just be myself.
I honestly don't care what people
think of me, I know where i'm
going in life and I know who I am.
My biggest critic is myself.
For the most part, i'm a really
nice friendly person so get to know me (: ♥

Let's be friends!

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bong rips

Alright. Love. What do teenagers know about love, right? Wrong. I can name numerous teens who have been in love, are in love and know how it feels to love someone. In my opinion, there is no set definition of love. Love can be whatever and however you want. My definition of love could be way different from your definition of love. I act tough, I seem like I got my act together, I project myself as this strong, beautiful, independent woman but I’m not. Well, probably in a sense, but I’ve never felt happy ever since this time of the year, last year. Don’t get me wrong, I have my family, my wonderful friends.. But it’s just not the same without that special person by your side. There are just those times where you don’t wanna spend time with your family or friends you wanna spend time with that person. We’ve all made mistakes before, huge mistakes that we regret, hell, we might even regret them for the rest of our lives, but that’s life. All you can do is move on. And I’m trying. I’m coping, I’m holding on.

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